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Best Practices For Home Loans and Repayment Plans

You may think that the worst is over once your loan has been finalized and your new home paid off. However, the real struggle begins only after that. Once you have acquired a loan and secured your dream home, you should also think of repaying the loan. This task is not easy as it requires […]

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Top Five Reasons to Live Fast and Large In the City

  The place you choose to move or settle down is dependent on several factors including your abilities to spend and save, especially your lifestyle. Some of the biggest factors that affect where you live include demographics, weather, cost, crime rates, property value, school systems, public transport etc. If you have considered these factors and […]

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Top Benefits of Living in the Suburbs

  Are you tired of the noisy, polluted and chaotic city life? While millions of people are addicted to the adrenaline that comes hand in hand with the city, you may want a change of pace. Choosing to live in a suburban area is not the easiest choice to make but it has several advantages […]

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Essential Documentation When Taking a Home Loan

  With the booming real estate market and easy availability of home loans, getting your documents in order is half the battle won. If you have found your dream home and are eligible for a loan that can help you buy it, there are several documents you need to prepare for evaluation and approval. Regardless […]

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Essential Checklist of Hidden Costs for Homeowners

  Owning a home or piece of land is a dream come true for many Indians. You may have spent several years to save up for that dream house and when you do find the right home, there is nothing to stop you from paying that initial deposit. However before you do this, it is […]

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Choosing the Ideal Builder: Where Should You Start?

  When buying a new home, it is imperative to choose the right builder and is easily one of the more important decisions you will make during this process. Because this is a common occurrence, there are a few set ways through which you can narrow down your builder choices and make the right decision. […]

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Top Ways to Cut Down Your Power Bill

There are many reasons to bring down your energy bills. While the financial gains are the most obvious, cutting down power consumption is also beneficial to the environment. Apart from essential cooling, heating and home appliances, there are simple ways through which you can reduce consumption without making any significant changes to your lifestyle. Here […]

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